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Frozen Garden Eggs


Size: Quart bags (0.94L bags, 7.2 inch x 2 1/4 Inch 6 5/8 Inch)

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Garden Egg is a nutritious fruit from the nightshade family and is widely consumed in African countries like Liberia 🇱🇷, Nigeria 🇳🇬 and Ghana 🇬🇭 . it is widely cultivated for its use as food, medicinal purposes, and ornamental plant. 

The garden egg is one of the greatest food, in terms of health benefits, for pregnant women. Studies have even suggested that eating eggplant can boost overall health and well-being. 

Due to the presence of minerals like manganese, magnesium, vitamin K, folate, copper, and Vitamin C in garden eggs, it also aids bone strengthening and general bone health. Regular consumption of eggplant is highly beneficial in reducing the risk of osteoporosis and bone degradation.

All-natural ingredients.

Legal Disclaimer Statements regarding dietary supplements, essential oils and other commonly used African health and beauty products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.