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Maseca corn masa flour Maiz Tortillas Corn Flour Gluten free 4lbs

  • Instant white corn masa flour with a fine grain texture
  • Staple ingredient in Mexican and Latin American cuisine
  • Great for making tortillas, sopes, pupusas, gorditas, enchiladas, and atole
  • Gluten-free and contains no preservatives, cholesterol, or trans fat
  • 4 lb. bag yields up to 7.2 lb. of tortillas
UPC Code:400016916782

Embrace the rich flavors of Mexican and Latin American cuisine with this Maseca traditional corn masa flour! This 4 lb. bag of instant white corn masa flour features a fine grain texture that produces smooth and authentic tortillas, sopes, pupusas, gorditas, enchiladas, and atole. A staple ingredient in traditional recipes, this flour contains no preservatives, cholesterol, or trans fat, making it a healthy and versatile choice for your kitchen. Since it is naturally gluten-free, it's also perfect for creating a wide variety of menu items for customers with dietary restrictions. Yielding up to 7.2 lb. of tortillas, this 100% whole grain flour is a cost-effective solution for high-volume food establishments such as restaurants, food trucks, and catering services.

Enhance the nutritional value of your dishes with this flour's folic acid content that aids daily nutrition. With at least 30 grams of whole grains per serving, it offers a wholesome and flavorful way to incorporate essential nutrients into your meals. Whether you're preparing traditional Mexican dishes or experimenting with Latin American flavors, Maseca traditional corn masa flour provides the authentic taste and texture you need to create memorable culinary experiences for your customers. Upgrade your pantry with this high-quality flour and bring the rich flavors of Latin cuisine to your menu today!

Since 1949, Maseca has been an indispensable staple in the pantries of Mexican and Latin American homes and commercial kitchens alike. Founded in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Maseca has simplified the elaborate process of making dehydrated masa and made corn masa flour readily available. Maseca is just one of numerous brands that make up GRUMA, the Mexican international food company that focuses on bringing the ancient, traditional tortilla to homes and establishments all over the world. Incorporate the valued products of Maseca to your menu for authentic results and a name your customers trust.